Gretl Crawford Homes

September 13, 2019

Gretl Crawford and her team are a leading provider of quality custom homes. Gretl excels as one of the Tri-Cities premier creators of both interior and exterior spaces. Gretl’s homes are known for their thoughtful, open layouts and unique floor plans with furnishings that can make any ordinary house feel like an extraordinary home. She will take you from concept through completion and into home decor. No other builder offers such a comprehensive and detailed journey into your new dream home.

“We strive to Create beautiful and functional homes and buildings for their owners and families to enjoy and be proud of for years to come! To design spaces and structures that are well thought out and reflect the end user as much as we can. To make each project a unique and enjoyable experience. We strive to work together with our clients, our subcontractors and within our own staff to create well-crafted, high quality projects in an honest and open environment for the enjoyment of all for years to come.” – Gretl Crawford, Owner & Contractor

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