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New Construction

About New Construction

Whether you’re just starting out with your first home, or are wanting a home that meets your unique requirements, new construction might be your best choice. At Windermere Group One, your needs come first. We can work with any new home builder to help you find the perfect home. We will help you navigate the entire process from selecting the location, to delivering the keys to your new home.

We have selected home builders that we trust to deliver you the quality require in your new home. Learn more about them and some of the locations where they are actively building. If you are interested in learning more about new construction or if it is right for you, please contact us. We are here to help provide you with the information you need to make the best decision.

The Process

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New Construction vs Resale

Energy Efficient

While older homes were built before the advent of energy conservation, new home construction has a strong focus on energy efficieny, which can save you money in the long run as you spend less on heating and cooling your home.

Choice of Floor Plan

Since home builders have the opportunity to respond to changing consumer preference, or even custom build a home for you, there are a variety of layouts available in new construction homes. Resale homes have more traditional floor plans, but you only get what's available.

Lower Maintenece Costs

The maintenece requirements for homes build over time. As a home ages, it settles into a steady cycle of service intervals, and eventually, replacement of major components. As homes do not reach this point for a few years, newly built homes will have lower maintenece costs for a time.

Improved Technology

Things have changed since 1980, and the technology and techniques used to build houses has too. Thanks to this, when it comes to raw build quality, new homes will tend to be somewhat safer, more reliable, and better quality for price.

Smaller Lots

Land is expensive and only gets more so. Next to material and labor, the cost of lots is one of the driving factors of the price of new construction homes. To keep prices affordable, builders have had to resort to smaller and smaller lots sizes to maintain their profitability. Resale homes will in many cases have substanially larger lots for the same price point of house.

Less Convenient Location

Most new developments spring up on the absolute limits of town, since this is where the new land is available in large chunks, and theres no one around to be bothered by the development and construction. New construction homes typically need to wait for some time for the town to grow out to them, while resale homes aleady exist in convenient locations.

Higher Initial Cost

The overhead of building a home is sunk after a few years, so resale homes do not have to factor building costs into their prices. New construction homes on the other hand do bear the burden of this overhead, which tends to raise the price for first purchase.

Less Negotiating Room

When buying resale, there is often opportunity to make choices about what needs to happen to complete sale of the home. With new construction, home builders pretty much set the price and you pay it.