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Our Process

While every marketing plan is unique to each listing, each plan tends to include the following.


The MLS is a searchable database of real estate information providing Realtors® access to up to date information and listings in our market area.

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Online Visibility

According to a national survey*, 95 percent of home buyers use the Internet to search for homes. When you’re ready to sell your...

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Selling your property means the careful orchestration of advertising, marketing and public relations. Our goal is to reach precisely the right...

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Direct Mail

A recent study showed over 90% of households bring in their mail every day, and people spend on average 25 minutes reviewing all of their mail...

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Statistically we know that 95 percent of buyers use the Internet during their home search, and 89 percent of them cite photos as a "very useful" aspect...

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Open Houses

One powerful way to create traffic and exposure for your home is by holding open houses. Fifty-two percent of buyers describe open houses as an...

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