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Jenny Albrecht


My Story

Hi, I’m Jenny Albrecht from Windermere Group One. I was born and raised in Minnesota, moved to Wisconsin for a few years following my first calling, helping others through my work at social services. After a few years, I was finally convinced to move to the Tri-Cities to join my brother in real estate. My brother has been working in the real estate industry for years and after finding his passion he pushed me to get out from behind my desk to do so as well. I finally moved my family to join him in Tri-cities and have loved working with our Windermere team since.

My real estate career started in the Tri-Cities in 2000, continuing for a short time in Wisconsin, and then moved back home to Tri-Cities after my youngest son graduated from high school. Part of my real estate experience comes from personally going through the buying and selling process 14 times throughout my life. From fixing up foreclosures, to recently purchasing my new home from a builder I work alongside.

Real estate was not an easy job to get into. It takes a lot of time and energy to do the job right, as well as a lot of just wanting to make people happy. As a realtor it is important to earn people’s trust and at the end of the day when you go home and those people have their new keys to their house, you have to realize that all that hard work in the past, the last 45 days, maybe a year, was for this day. That is what being a Realtor is all about. You must care and have your client’s best interests at heart.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is working with first time home buyers. Back in Wisconsin, my average sale price was $149,000. So, when I got back to Tri-Cities and was given the opportunity to do the first-time home buyer classes, I jumped on the opportunity right away. There is nothing more exciting than people getting their first home and I love being able to educate them on the whole process. Numerous times while teaching first time home buyer classes, I have had clients tell me that previous agents were not willing to call them back due to a low budget and that breaks my heart. It should never be like that. Realtors cannot just take the higher priced homes. It all comes down to one thing and that is homeownership. Regardless if it’s a $130,000 home or a $450,000 home.

One of my favorite stories working as a realtor, was helping a client achieve homeownership even when she was losing hope due to her budget. When putting in an offer we wrote a letter to the homeowner, which we have done many times before, and we won a multiple offer situation. She had so much excitement on her face when I got to call and tell her the good news. Her daughter, 4 years old at the time, came up to me and said, “thank you for finding me and my mommy a house”. That was the day I thought, oh my gosh, I have found my passion; Getting to use my knowledge and experiences to help others achieve their homeownership dreams.


Licensed in: Washington