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Jason Tucker


My Story

My name is Jason Tucker. When I was considering becoming a Realtor® there was no question of where I wanted to work, it was Windermere Group One or bust. I felt so strongly about Windermere Group One that I moved from the Portland area and bought a home in the Park Hills neighborhood of Kennewick, to work with them. Not only do they have the most intensive and immersive training in the business, but they are known throughout our community for giving back and having the highest moral standards. Windermere Group One was the perfect place to pursue my dreams of becoming a Realtor®.


Helping people find or sell homes and walking them through that process is near and dear to my heart. I believe that homeownership is the biggest and first step in creating generational wealth for people. I saw firsthand how hard my parents had to work to be able to buy their first home in their early forties, and how many opportunities it created for them personally and financially. My parents had an amazing agent who walked them through the entire process and seeing that level of care planted the seeds in my mind about becoming an agent.

I know firsthand that buying or selling a home can be nerve-racking. Your home is special to you and the decisions are big. Honestly, I was thinking the same thing in your shoes, but I can promise the following. I will always do my best for you, I will be available to you, and you will be able to have confidence that you have me and the best agency in Benton/Franklin county, not walking behind you but in front of you making sure the road to wherever your going is as smooth as it possibly can be, and that you got the best value available whether you are selling or buying.


I’ve spent most of my life in the suburbs of Portland Oregon. When I started considering places I would move to, the Tri-Cities captured me. I felt like my family would be safe here, I love how kind and helpful the community is, and coming from Portland the sunshine has changed my life!


Outside of helping people navigate real estate, I am a father of two and a husband who loves spending time with my family, especially camping. I also love working out, watching the Seahawks, and connecting with people at church.


When working with me, I will absolutely be the person you communicate directly with, but I am just acting as the face for the number one agency in the Tri-Cities and behind me are over 100 agents, managers, and marketers. All these people will be working together to ensure that each client who puts faith in myself and Windermere, leaves feeling happy and secure that they got the best possible value and experience available anywhere.


Licensed in: Washington