Jennifer Monds - Windermere Group One

Jennifer Monds


My Story

Tell me a bit about yourself

I was raised in the Tri Cities and both my husband and I graduated from Kamiakin High School! My husband wanted to serve in the military and as I love to travel, I said let’s do it! While in Texas with our growing family we realized as much as we loved serving in the military it was important for us to raise our children around family and it was time to head back toward the Northwest. We relocated to Kalispell, Montana and spent 18 months fishing on the lakes, hiking at Glacier National Park and enjoying the late Montana sunsets while my husband began a career in civilian law enforcement. As awesome and fun as it was, we realized that while we were closer than we had been in many years to Tri Cities we still weren’t home! We knew that you couldn’t beat the economy or housing market in the area, and we belonged right along the Columbia River with our friends and family. We moved back in 2008 and with all the area has grown to offer I only have one question..… will we EVER get a Cheesecake Factory?!!

Real Estate is a Family Tradition!

The family business was real estate and I’d bet I had the best phone manners of any 8-year-old around! Cell phones weren’t a thing and clients called the house phone so great customer service was standard in our home. Every vacation we went on required a Homes and Land from the city we were visiting, and we would drive around looking at property to see what the local market was up to. My first job was in a real estate office and I was determined to get it on my own, so I didn’t even tell my family I was applying! I LOVE that every transaction brings new experiences and relationships.

Why did you get into real estate?

My family encouraged me to go into real estate right after high school, but communication tools were BAD and believe it or not, I was CRAZY shy. Thankfully, being a military spouse, raising three boys and my experience working in a cancer clinic for several years brought me out of my shell! All these experiences helped me discover my passion for not just GOOD customer service but RIDICULOUSLY good customer service and communication!

What sets you apart?

As a military spouse with a growing family we moved 10 times in 9 years!  Four years ago we moved a mini farm, horses, cats, dogs, chickens which was a very different and more challenging move then when we moved to California 20 years ago.  I get real life whether it’s just starting, moving your family, downsizing or moving a parent in to your home.  I know there are a million things going on behind the scenes in your life. I see it as my job to provide you the tools to make informed decisions so you can focus on what’s important to you! Everyone’s needs are unique to their situation and I am so excited to work with our community to meet those specific needs!!!

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Patience! I want everyone to feel like they are my #1 and I want to communicate with them right now! Sometimes getting the right answer can take time and I don’t ever want anyone to think or feel like I’m not working or doing my best for them.

What qualities do you believe make you an excellent real estate agent?

I believe listening and communicating the way that works best for the client makes great real estate agents. We have so many great communication tools today and I understand that while some may prefer a text, others would like a phone call or to get together in person. As fast as life can move great agents take the time to have great communication and customer service ALONGSIDE the tools NOT in place of the technology & tools.

Why work with Windermere?

At Windermere we focus on building relationships with each other and the community. We are in the people business and Real Estate is the tool, and I LOVE that!


Licensed in: Washington