Gavin Vargas - Windermere Group One

Gavin Vargas


My Story

Born and raised in the Tri Cities (Kennewick, WA) it is with immense gratitude that I spend my time assisting members throughout our community in unlocking the power of ownership. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a family of long-time professionals throughout the real estate industry who quickly prepared me to become a lethal force for my clients once officially licensed in 2019. My wife, Alex, and I married the following year in 2020. It would be impossible for me not to attribute a vital portion of my success in real estate, and as a person, to the impact she consistently makes on my life. Prior to my professional career, I enjoyed slinging the ball across the baseball diamond, practicing martial arts, experiencing the outdoors (still very much do), and many other hobbies and activities. Shortly before graduating from WSU with my Business Degree, I decided to commit to excellence in real estate sales for many reasons, but especially for the unique challenges it presents. Real Estate has enhanced my life in so many ways and that is what inspires me to work toward empowering those I have the honor of serving to do the same.


Licensed in: Washington