Cassandra Smith - Windermere Group One

Cassandra Smith


My Story

I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful little girls. I’ve been in the business for just over 4 years and am no stranger to the industry. Having family in the business, I’ve been showing houses since I was 4 years old. I have worked in the customer service industry for 18 years and absolutely love working with people. My goal is to develop a strong working relationship with my clients, gaining trust and providing service above any they have experienced. The purchase or sale of a home is likely the biggest financial transaction you will experience in your life and I want to make it as fun, enjoyable and profitable as possible!


My Why:

Growing up I was raised by a tremendously hard-working single mom who was always willing to work the long hours and put in the extra time to give me all she could. Sometimes this meant late nights or multiple jobs which gave my extraordinary grandparents the opportunity to step in and help out. My Grandma was a Realtor all my life and from as early as I can remember I was her little sidekick… showing houses and pretending to answer phones at her office. Fast forward 25+ years and I have jumped right in her footsteps. I am a mom to 2 (working on 3) incredible, sassy, brilliant little girls. They love to tag along and be a part of what I do. For 10 years I danced around the idea of real estate but lacked the courage to make the leap. After my first daughter was born I realized how important it was for me to show her how to work hard but I also wanted to be present in her life for all of its special moments. Real estate gives me the flexibility in my schedule to drive my girls to school, tuck them in every night, attend field trips and ballet recitals and gymnastic classes. It also gives me the platform to show my girls how to work hard, commit to something and see it through, build relationships and have fun doing all of it!


Licensed in: Washington