A'isha Martin - Windermere Group One

A'isha Martin


My Story

My name is A’isha and I am a real estate agent with Windermere group one in Richland.
I want to start by giving you some background about me.
I was born and raised in California. I also lived in Cairo, Egypt for 7 years of my childhood. I moved to the tri cities from beautiful sunny San Diego to be with my partner who was born and raised here. I am bilingual in Arabic and love to pull that out whenever I can.
My partner and I have a dog, cat and guinea pig. We are huge animal lovers! The more the merrier in my opinion. My favorite hobby is scuba diving, there is just something about being in what feels like a whole different world and seeing it from a very different perspective than the average day to day life.
Fun fact: I am a resin artist and love every minute of it. It’s my creative outlet.

I became interested in real estate to help people find that perfect home. It’s so important to me to have my clients in a home that they are happy with, comfortable in and most importantly can envision their lives there.  Seeing that look in people’s eyes when they find “the one” house and they envision their whole life starting in that home.
Real estate to me is about finding the right fit for my clients.
A home is where everyone spends the most time, raise or start families and is the one place that brings comfort.
Time is very precious so why not spend it in a home that you are happy and proud of?
Let’s get you that house to call your home!


Licensed in: Washington